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Welcome to Brasil Perú Trading

Brasil Perú trading is a company specialized in Consulting  foreign commerce and trade.

We hereby want to transmit our experience, performance and quality of our services, with the sole objective to offer our advise, to facilitate your market in foreign business, specially for those corporations that are initiating in the process  of importing or exporting goods or services,hoping we can establish a sound and profitable relation for both our companies.

We have more than  20 years experience, acting on the field of foreign trade, having participated in all aspects and functions;  As exporters, importers, agents and representative officers, dealing with all the aspects of the business, in order to obtain a succesful negotiation, such as:




Marketing ( Participating as exhibitors in international trade shows)


Succesfully facilitate foreign trade business for our clientes with our counseling.


We wish to achieve recognizable expertise worldwide, as experts as counselors of foreign trade.

Corporate Values

Honesty, Responsability, Professionalism and Hard work

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Brasil Peru Trading

Company founded in Peru in 2012, conducts foreign trade operations as a representative and consultant for various clients around the world. Characterized by always obtaining satisfactory results for our customers, in all our operations

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